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Save Time, Reduce Stress (And Possible Oversights!) With This AI-Enhanced Advanced Research Tool

Even the best attorneys struggle to find good case law buried in the cannon of prior decisions.
If you’re like them, you probably sacrifice sleep to support your arguments. Because it’s nearly impossible to pull precedents from all the scattered sources. Yet those case decisions could make or break you (and your clients!) in court.
Suppose, after your countless hours of painstaking research, an opponent or judge introduces a case you’ve never heard of. Then what?
Unless you have the perfect counter argument ready, the surprise decision could tank all the efforts you invested in your case. And if you haven’t found the best decisions, you’re at risk of losing when you should have won.
You know that the key to winning workers’ compensation cases is having the most on-point decisions at your fingertips. But does exhausting all the resources at your disposal really need to be so . . . exhausting?

So What’s the Solution to Tedious Case Law Research?

Delegate EAMS research to a junior associate and rely on their memos, which might contain critical omissions?
Rely on case summaries from third parties that don’t give you the full context, full decision, or dissent?
Cull through endless Google Scholar results (at all hours) that don’t pertain to your case?
Or would it be better to have complete access to California’s workers’ comp cases — in one place — easily searchable with just a few clicks?

Introducing the Time-Saving AI Tool for Precise Research

Cut hours off your work week . . . and get ready to win more cases

This comprehensive database of all prior WCAB decisions coupled with our AI does more than save time — it puts you at the top of your profession with elite research capabilities.

You can access the exact cases you need to win without searching multiple sources or missing crucial details.
It’s all right here at your fingertips — and easily searchable word-for-word.

So if you’re like most attorneys who spend ⅓ of their work life on research — stop! This AI-Enhanced tool can save you hundreds of hours this year alone . . .

Meet CompFox:

The AI-Enhanced Case Law Research System for California Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Built on state-of-the-art AI technology, CompFox streamlines your legal research by understanding your unique query, using machine learning to scour through vast amounts of data, and delivering the most relevant cases in a fraction of the time. It’s not just an upgrade, it’s a game-changer.

Word-for-word searchable PDFs of all en banc decisions, significant panel, and normal decisions for powerful presentation of precedence

A smart, intuitive search engine that understands the nuances of your legal research needs.

AI-powered quick response to questions about specific cases during your research, making your work smoother and faster.

Folders and notation abilities for quick case reference and coordination
Cloud-based access with user-management functionality for all your firm members

Now you have comprehensive, searchable access to workers’ compensation case law in California . . . without endless hours of hit or miss research. Embrace the power of AI and make the most out of your precious time.

Control the Case Law. Control the Courtroom.

CompFox’s AI-enhanced tool empowers you to arrive for trial rested (without sleepless research!) and confident that you’re equipped with the most relevant case law.

You’ll be prepared to make powerful arguments and counter the competition with obscure decisions they’re unprepared for.
Best of all, you’ll be prepared to win more cases and larger settlements because you have comprehensive access to the resources you need.

“The Jury Is In” — CompFox Is a Winner

“Last week I submitted two cases to support an argument I was making. The judge was so impressed because he never heard of the two cases, and they were both directly on point. I looked really good.”
SV, Los Angeles, CA

A Research Assistant for Pennies on the Dollar

Hiring more paralegals and junior associates is expensive. CompFox’s AI-Enhanced Tool is the smarter solution for comprehensive research without the omissions and incomplete summaries. Plus, it’s user-friendly so you can easily delegate findings to your team.

With monthly plans starting at just $65 per user, the CompFox system empowers you to win more while cutting research hours to a fraction.
Try CompFox for FREE for 10 days and discover the cases you didn’t know you were missing!
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Why CompFox?

The CompFox comprehensive database is the product of frustration . . . and a vision for better workers’ compensation advocacy and lawyering.
After 10+ years in the worker’s compensation industry, our co-founder, Ethan Pease, grew tired of traditional research methods and databases that were over-inclusive of other fields of law.

He wanted a complete resource of WCAB cases and CA statutes that was fully searchable with AI technology — beyond case names and summary text.

CompFox was born. Today, the CompFox team continues to catalog all California workers’ compensation cases into searchable formats so you get instant access to the latest “good” law and powerful resources to win every case.

Everything You Need to Tame the Research Beast — Now With AI

CompFox collates scattered source material into a single, AI-powered database for instant access — without irrelevant cases in your search results.

You reclaim hours of time wasted reading dead-end decisions and case summaries. And you can rest assured knowing your research tool isn’t missing pertinent decisions others leave out.
With CompFox, case-law uncertainty is a thing of the past!
No other tool brings all these resources together in one place for comprehensive research and easy, time-saving searchability.

Save Time & Win More with CompFox

Don’t let tedious research tasks cost you your next case
CompFox has everything you need to win bigger settlements and more high-value cases without endless reading and mind-numbing scrolling sessions.

Try CompFox — for FREE — for 10 days and see how AI integration streamlines your practice and sharpens your arguments. Discover the future of legal research — with CompFox.

Discover how easy and effective case law research can be — with CompFox.

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Try CompFox for FREE for 10 days and discover the cases you didn’t know you were missing!