Steve Giannini vs. City Of Irvine, Permissibly Self-insured; Adjusted By Corvel Insurance Company

This case involves the City of Irvine, which is permissibly self-insured and adjusted by Corvel Insurance Company. The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board issued an award of additional attorney's fees to applicant's counsel for services rendered in responding to defendant's petition. The amount of the award was $3,547.12, as agreed upon by the parties.

City Of Irvine, Permissibly Self-Insured; adjusted by Corvel Insurance Company Steve Giannini WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARDSTATE OF CALIFORNIASTEVE GIANNINI, Applicant,vs.CITY OF IRVINE, Permissibly Self-Insured; adjustedby CORVEL INSURANCE COMPANY, Defendant.Case Nos. ADJ3584368 (AHM 0049668)ADJ2266028 (AHM 0049667)ADJ4420242 (AHM 0055875)ADJ4296333 (AHM 0074666)ADJ1443533 (AHM 0074667)ADJ814285 (AHM 0085369)ADJ3483404 (AHM 0106680)OPINION AND AWARD OF ADDITIONAL ATTORNEY’S FEE (LABOR CODE § 5801)            In its January 10, 2013 Order Denying Defendant’s Petition for Writ of Review (G047552), the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District (Div. 3), remanded this matter to the Board for the purpose of making an award of reasonable attorney’s fees to applicant’s counsel for services rendered in responding to defendant’s petition. (Lab. Code, § 5801.) The court’s order has become final.            On March 4, 2013, the Board was advised by the parties that they had reached an agreement on the payment of attorney’s fees under Labor Code § 5801 in the amount of $3,547.12. Applicant requests that an award issue pursuant to that stipulation.            Having reviewed the record, and in view of the parties’ stipulation, the Board will issue an award pursuant thereto.///////////////////// ,             For the foregoing reasons,            AWARD IS MADE in favor of LEONARD STERN and against the CITY OF IRVINE, ofappellate attorney’s fee in the amount of $3,547.12, pursuant to the parties’ stipulation, which fee ispayable in addition to the amount of any compensation otherwise paid or payable to the applicant.WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARD_________________________________________MARGUERITE SWEENEYI CONCUR,_________________________________________DEIDRA E. LOWE_________________________________________RONNIE G. CAPLANEDATED AND FILED AT SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIAMAY 15 2013SERVICE MADE ON THE ABOVE DATE ON THE PERSONS LISTED BELOW AT THEIR ADDRESSES SHOWN ON

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