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Rosa Palafox vs. Pelican Products, Inc.; United States Fire Insurance Company

Pelican Products, Inc.; United States Fire Insurance Company Rosa Palafox WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARDSTATE OF CALIFORNIAROSA PALAFOX, Applicant,vs.PELICAN PRODUCTS, INC.; UNITED STATESFIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Defendants.Case Nos. ADJ103216 (LAO 0867367) MFADJ7061769 5 ADJ7167560OPINION AND ORDER GRANTING RECONSIDERATION AND NOTICE OF INTENTION TO IMPOSE SANCTIONS            Defendant’s attorney Martin Reiner, Esq., filed what is described as a petition for reconsideration of the March 26, 2013 Joint Findings And Award of the workers’ compensation administrative law judge who found that applicant incurred industrial injury to her spine, right shoulder, head and right wrist while working for defendant on March 17, 2006 (ADJ103216) and during the period November 14, 2005 through June 29, 2006 (ADJ7061769) causing a period of temporary disability and a need for future medical treatment. In addition to awarding temporary disability indemnity and attorney’s fees, the WCJ imposed a penalty of 25% of the temporary disability indemnity awarded.            Mr. Reiner avers that the January 29, 2013 trial leading to the WCJ’s March 26, 2013 decision was improperly conducted because he filed a petition for reconsideration prior to the trial date. Mr. Reiner further summarily asserts without any specification that the WCJ lacked authority to issue the March 27, 2013 decision, that the decision was “procured and issued by fraud” by the WCJ, that the “evidence does not justify the decision, nor any findings,” and that the “findings of fact do not support the subject challenged decision.”            Preliminarily, we observe that a petition for reconsideration “shall set forth specifically and in full detail the grounds upon which the petitioner considers the final order, decision or award.., to be unjust or unlawful, and every issue to be considered by the appeals board.” (Lab. Code, § 5902.) A petitioner, “shall be deemed to have finally waived all objections, irregulariti


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