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Mona Dill vs. City Of Rancho Palos Verdes, Psi, By Cjpia Through Their Tpa, York Insurance Services Group

City Of Rancho Palos Verdes, Psi, By Cjpia Through Their Tpa, York Insurance Services Group Mona Dill WORKERS-COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARDSTATE OF CALIFORNIAMONA DILL, Applicant,vs.CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES, PSI, by CJPIA through their TPA, YORK INSURANCE SERVICES GROUP, Defendant(s).Case No. ADJ6978832OPINION AND ORDER GRANTING PETITION FOR REMOVAL, DECISION AFTER REMOVAL AND AWARD            Defendant has filed a timely, verified petition for removal, requesting that the Appeals Board rescind the Order dated February 17. 2010. wherein the workers’ compensation administrative law judge (WCJ) found that Stipulations with Request for Award submined by the parties was inadequate as proposed and that apportionment was illegal. The WCJ ordered the applicant to be examined by a panel qualified medical evaluator (QME) and ordered defendant to notify the Medical Unit of the court order and to issue a panel list to the panics. Defendant contends that the settlement is adequate and that applicant, who is not represented by an attorney, is satisfied with the settlement and does not wish to undergo further medical evaluation. Wc have not received an answer from applicant.            Applicant, while employed as a recreation supervisor on October 26. 2008, sustained an industrial injury to her left knee. On October 19. 2009, she and defendant submitted Stipulations with Request for Award, stipulating that her permanent disability was zero percent and that there is need for medical treatment to cure or relieve from the effects of the injury. The WCJ issued an Order Suspending Action on Stipulations with Request for Award dated October 26. 2009. and requested further information. , The case was set for a status conference on February 17, 2010. Applicant appeared in pro per. Defendant states that the Information and Assistance (I & A) Officer also appeared, stating that she had discussed the case with the applicant, who said that she was not interested in a panel OME and that s


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