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Jaime Medina, vs. Barrett Business Services; Permissibly Self-insured,

Barrett Business Services; Permissibly Self-Insured, Jaime Medina, WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARDSTATE OF CALIFORNIACase No. ADJ10012350JAIME MEDINA, (Sacramento District Office)Applicant,vs.BARRETT BUSINESS SERVICES; Permissibly Self-Insured,Defendant.OPINION AND DECISION AFTER RECONSIDERATION            We granted reconsideration in this matter to provide an opportunity to further study the legal and factual issues raised by the Petition for Reconsideration filed by defendant Barrett Business Services, permissibly self-insured, from the January 13, 2017 Findings and Award.            By letter dated May 10, 2017, defendant notified us that the parties have reached a settlement in this matter and requests that the case be returned to the district office for submission of the settlement documents.            Accordingly, we will rescind the Findings and Award to return the parties to the status quo ante so the parties may submit their proposed settlement to the workers’ compensation administrative law judge (WCJ) for a review of its adequacy pursuant to Appeals Board Rule 10882. In the event the WCJ does not approve the parties’ settlement, the Findings and Award may be reinstated, and defendant may again seek reconsideration from that final award.////////////////// ,             For the foregoing reasons,            IT IS ORDERED that as our Decision After Reconsideration, the January 13, 2017 Findings and Award is RESCINDED, and the matter shall be RETURNED to the trial level for consideration of the adequacy, and possible approval, of the parties’ settlement of this matter, and for such further proceedings as the WCJ deems necessary.        WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARD        _______________________________        DEIDRA E. LOWEI CONCUR,_______________________________FRANK M. BRASS_______________________________MARGUERITE SWEENEYDATED AND FILED AT SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIAMAY 17 2017SERVICE MADE ON ABOVE DATE ON THE PERSONS LISTED BELOW AT THEIR AD


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