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Israel Salazar vs. Healthcare Services Group Zurich North America

HEALTHCARE SERVICES GROUP ZURICH NORTH AMERICA ISRAEL SALAZAR WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARDSTATE OF CALIFORNIAISRAEL SALAZAR, Applicant,vs.HEALTHCARE SERVICES GROUP;ZURICH NORTH AMERICA, Defendants.Case No. ADJ7671309(Long Beach District Office)OPINION AND ORDERDENYING PETITIONFOR RECONSIDERATION            Lien claimant Connie Kang, L.Ac, through her representative AR Jureidini Downey, seeks reconsideration of the April 29, 2014 Order Dismissing Lien Claim for Non-Appearance at Lien Conference/Trial (Order Dismissing), wherein the workers’ compensation administrative law judge (WCJ) dismissed Dr. Kang’s lien with prejudice for failure to appear.            Lien claimant contends that the WCJ erred in dismissing her lien with prejudice.            We have not received an answer from defendant. The WCJ prepared a Report and Recommendation on Petition for Reconsideration (Report), recommending that the Petition for Reconsideration (Petition) be dismissed or denied.            We have considered the Petition for Reconsideration and the contents of the Report, and we have reviewed the record in this matter. For the reasons discussed below, we will deny lien claimant’s Petition.FACTS            While employed by defendant as a janitor on February 6, 2011, applicant sustained an industrial injury to his neck, low back, and left foot. Applicant’s case was resolved by way of a favorable Findings, Award and Order issued by the WCJ on July 31, 2013.            On December 31, 2012, lien claimant’s representative e-filed a $9,912.12 lien on behalf of lien claimant. ,             On October 10, 2013, another lien claimant filed a Declaration of Readiness (DOR) requesting that a lien conference take place on April 8, 2014. The record reflects that Ms. Kang was served with the Notice of Hearing for the April 8, 2014 lien conference.            The lien conference went forward as scheduled on April 8, 2014. The record reflects that neither Ms. Kang nor her representative


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