Leticia Sanchez vs. Barrett Business Services, Inc.; Permissibly Self-insured

In this case, the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board granted reconsideration of the decision of April 5, 2013, rescinded the decision, and returned the matter to the trial level for further proceedings and decision by the WCJ. The case involves Leticia Sanchez and Barrett Business Services, Inc., who are permissibly self-insured. The Board ordered that the specific amendments recommended by the WCJ be made.

Barrett Business Services, Inc.; Permissibly Self-Insured Leticia Sanchez WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARDSTATE OF CALIFORNIALETICIA SANCHEZ, Applicant,vs.BARRETT BUSINESS SERVICES, INC.;Permissibly Self-Insured, Defendant.Case Nos. ADJ2030213 (LAO 0867884)ADJ2904030 (LAO 0867885)ADJ4232151 (LAO 0867886)OPINION AND ORDER GRANTING RECONSIDERATION AND DECISION AFTER RECONSIDERATION            We have considered the allegations of the Petition for Reconsideration and the contents of the Report of the workers’ compensation administrative law judge (WCJ) with respect thereto. Based on our review of the record, and for the reasons stated in said report, which we adopt and incorporate, we will grant reconsideration, rescind the WCJ’s decision, and return this matter for further proceedings and decision by the WCJ. This is not a final decision on the merits of any issues raised herein, and the parties retain the right to seek reconsideration of the WCJ’s new decision.            Although the WCJ suggests what permanent disability and attorney’s fees “should be,” his Report only recommends that “the Petition for Reconsideration be granted.” Therefore, we return this matter to the WCJ for him to make the specific amendments he actually recommends.//////////////////////// ,             For the foregoing reasons,            IT IS ORDERED that reconsideration of the decision of April 5, 2013 is GRANTED.            IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that as the Decision After Reconsideration, the decision is RESCINDED, and this matter is RETURNED to the trial level for further proceedings and decision by the WCJ.WORKERS’ COMPENSATION APPEALS BOARD_________________________________________RONNIE G. CAPLANEI CONCUR,_________________________________________   MARGUERITE SWEENEY_________________________________________   FRANK M. BRASSDATED AND FILED AT SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA   JUN 13 2013SERVICE MADE ON THE ABOVE DATE ON THE PERSONS LISTED BELOW AT THEIR ADDRESSES SHOWN ON THE CURRENT OF

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